Chinese Face Map That Reveals What Your Body Fights With

The largest organ in the human body is the skin. The issues that appear on the surface on the skin may indicate an internal problem with other organs.

According to Chinese medicine, each area on the face is connected with some organ in the body. The most common skin irregularities appear in the form of skin discoloration, pimples, or rashes. So, let’s take a look at the signals your skin is sending to you:

Forehead – bladder and small intestine

Cause: too much fat, sugar, alcohol, processed food, not getting enough rest.

Cure: good sleep, lots of water, avoid alcohol, and eat raw food.

Among the eyebrows – the liver

Cause: too much meat consumption, allergic reaction to certain ingredient.

Cure: yoga, meditation, healthy food, fast walk, and fresh air.

Eyebrow arch – the kidneys

Cause: bad circulation, weak heart, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption.

Cure: drink a lot of water, avoid coffee, alcohol, and sugary drinks.

Nose – the heart

Cause: bad circulation, polluted air, gasses, swollen belly, or high blood pressure.

Cure: regulate the cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Exercise regularly and detox your body occasionally.

Upper part of your cheeks – lungs

Cause: smoking, pollution, and asthma. You may also have dark under eye circles.

Cure: don’t smoke and stay away from second hand smoke and polluted air. Exercise every day.

Cheeks – kidneys and lungs

Cause: poor diet, excessive sugar intake, smoking, and stress.

Cure: have a healthy and balanced diet, and use organic cosmetics.

Chin and mouth – belly

Cause: too much caffeine, sugar, fat, and alcohol.

Cure: eat healthy foods, and consume more fruits. You should go to your doctor if your problem doesn’t seem to go away.

Neck and jaw – hormones

Cause: too much caffeine consumption, too much salty or spicy food, and dehydration

Cure: Always keep yourself hydrated and lower the amount of salt, spices, and coffee.

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Chinese Face Map That Reveals What Your Body Fights With

Chinese Face Map That Reveals What Your Body Fights With

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